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Our experience shows that doing their homework autonomously can be difficult for students. They have trouble to get started, not to give up on subjects they have difficulty with and not to be distracted by things such as their phones, computers or televisions. We have also noticed that many students find it difficult to prepare properly for quizzes and to apply the right study techniques. Besides that, students often seem to experience subject related difficulties they can’t handle on their own. Therefore, we provide homework guidance for students of all streams: from VMBO1 up to VWO6 and all levels of International Bacchalaureate (IB). We have observed that there are many different reasons for which a student or their parents can decide to call in external help:


  • Student comes from a foreign country and foreign education
  • Subject related difficulties
  • Home has no good workplace and/or is distracting
  • Difficulty with planning, structuring, and/or working ahead
  • Lack of motivation and/or discipline
  • Guiding is desired for the transition from primary school to secondary school
  • Specific learning disabilities such as fear of failure, ADHD and dyslexia
  • Grades need to improve to be accepted at a certain higher education institute.


Our approach

We offer homework guidance in a peaceful and stimulating learning environment. The students are closely supervised by competent and experienced staff. Our buildings have quiet study rooms with spacious work areas and all necessary facilities. We maintain regular contact with parents and if necessary also with the school. Ever since our launch in 2007 our approach has paid off: more than 95% of the students who were guided throughout an entire year passed their year and of the “exam candidates” 98% passed and went on to higher education.

Our pedagogical model for homework guidance is based on four pillars: structure, learning skills, knowledge and motivation:



Each student works according to a personal work schedule, which makes sure that they prepare sufficiently for all examinations. Besides the regular schoolwork we also schedule time to study. We also keep an eye on all of the student’s planners and track their results in StudyAssist, a computerprogramme which allows us to do so. Parents have full access to StudyAssist and are thus always up to date.


Learning skills

An essential part of homework guidance is the so-called "learning to learn". This includes learning and applying various learning strategies, learning how to make good summaries, practicing with the appropriate materials and preparing for quizzes and exams in the right way.



During the afternoon each student has a personal tutor who offers subject related help, explanations and exercises. The tutor checks the homework, quizzes the student exstensively and, where necessary, elaborates on the subject matter. Because of this approach each student daily receives the personal attention they need.



In the hours the student spends at our organization we pay much attention to motivating them. A lack of motivation is often a cause of problems at school. With our personal approach we try to change this. An example of how we bring this about is by reminding them of the homework-free evening which follows an afternoon at Lector!



We wish to maintain the high quality we offer our students and have therefore chosen to track all results closely.

All relevant information on the courses, grades, schedules and other matters are updated daily in StudyAssist. This way we will always have an up-to-date picture of each student’s situation. Parents have direct access to this system over the internet, so they will always have access to the planner and the results. Students can use an online web application, which they can see via computer, tablet or smartphone through which they can check the planning made by Lector in advance or afterwards. Our policy does not allow the students to use their phones while they are at Lector.